Marketing Made Simple



What We Offer

  1. Targeted Advertisements
    This service can only be found on this website!
    We are the only website that offers targeted advertisements. Learn how targeted advertisements are the most effective way of getting customers to your website fast. Learn more below!
  2. Digital Marketing
    One of the most effective ways to gain sales.
    Digital marketing is one of the most overlooked marketing techniques for a business, yet its proven to be one of the most effective. Let us create an email template that fits perfectly to your business. Or create local listings that are guarenteed to amaze. Also included is website design and social media marketing. Check our plans to see which one is best for you!
  3. Graphics & Design
    Anything and Everything Graphics or Design.
    Graphics and Design is perfect for some businesses, we create posters, logos, infographics, presentations, and so much more. Graphics and Design is a cheaper but more simplified way of getting your company started.
  4. Business Services
    We do the dirty work so you don't have to.
    Many companies go without protecting their name or services which is one of the worst things to do. Protecting your company can take months and cost a fortune but we can turn that into weeks and cost you nearly nothing. Our business services include, branding services, legal consulting, patents, market research, and financial services.

Targeted Advertisements

  1. Catalog
    Once you purchase a plan we will place your ad in the perfect section on our website for your company. You prefer a particular section then please add that into the extra details when you purchase a plan. This is the most effective way to reach all your customers.
  2. 7 Day Test Trial
    You are entitled to a 7 Day Test Trial after you purchase a plan. This allows you to cancel your purchase if you do not enjoy your experience with us. You could also use this to test out which plan you like. Our goal is to keep you, the customer, satisfied!
  3. Yearly Plans
    You can purchase a cheap yearly payment or a lifetime payment that will pay for its self overtime. Your ad stays up for a year getting as many visitors as possible. A yearly plan is one of the most affordable and effective plans that we have. And if you have a good experience then you can renew your yearly subscription.
  4. Advertisement Size
    There is a small, medium, and large for your advertisement. The larger size you purchase the more it sticks out and gets noticed by possible customers. If you are on a budget but still would like an advertisement then the smaller sizes is the plan for you.

Digital Marketing

  1. Local Listings
    A local listing is a listing that is on the internet which jumps your website to the top of every search engine. Getting your business to the top of search engines is very important to gaining traffic and receiving more customers.
  2. Email Marketing
    We will build a template that fits your business perfectly, then you supply us with the email list and we will send out emails to your greatest leads. If you don't have an email list of leads then we have a plan that is perfect for you. Join the millions that use email marketing each day.
  3. Social Media Marketing
    We will promote your social media accounts all over the web and on our own social media accounts. Engaging your customers is one of the best techniques to get more sales and returning buyers. The larger your following, the more professional your company will look.
  4. Website Design
    If you do not have the time to create your website or feel it is not the way you like it then this is the plan for you. For years we have created different websites that fit to your liking perfectly. We have it done in less then one week.

Graphics & Design

  1. Logo Creation
    Do you need an eye popping, neat, organized, and fresh logo that will make your customers remember your brand. Logos are very important for brand recognition and trying to get your company out there fast.
  2. Website Design
    With your advice, our team will create a stunning website that fits all your needs. From the most minimalist sites to the most advanced, outgoing sites you have ever seen.
  3. Presentations
    Do you need a clean and fresh presentation to get investors. Whether its for your family/friends or big firms that are looking to invest we will make presentations that are sure to make them invest in your company.
  4. Infographics
    We will create an infographic that will fit your company perfectly. Explain to the world using images, text, and colors so that anyone/everyone can understand what it is you do.